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Inevitably, you or someone you know will face a crisis, go through a transition, or simply be unhappy with life. Synergy Counseling of Greenwood's trained professionals aim to provide assistance in one's desire for change. Our professionals are able to give insight, guidance, and encouragement in a safe and supportive environment that facilitates growth and a healthy well-being.

Helping You Reach Your Goals

Synergy Counseling of Greenwood Outlook-Strong

Let Us Help You
See Your Strength

Every new challenge in life seems to take more effort than the last to overcome. You are strong enough for the challenge.

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Let Us Help You Climb Higher Than You Thought Possible

Every mountain desires to be climbed. We can help you find the strength to make the climb.

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Let Us Help You
Decide the Destination

Although the road seems to be a long and lonely journey, we are here to help you navigate the stresses of life and arrive at your destination with confidence and a new sense of self.

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”
― Lao Tzu

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